BitDay (formerly known as 8Bit Day) is based off of the work of reddit user: /u/BloodyMarvellous. You can find his project's page here.

I though it was a dead project so I decided to revive it and used some html/css/js to come up with a version of BitDay Live which implements:

  • Changing wallpaper depending on the location and time of day (I used mourner's awesome suncalc js library to calculate the correct times once you enter you latitude and longitude in the settings.
  • Redesigned animated clouds (please wait a little for the clouds to fade into view)
  • The awesomeness of the original BitDay wallpapers!

My source code for this project is on GitHub.

If you're running windows, you can use it with Wallpaper Engine which has very little performance impact (it pauses when you run a fullscreen application) and supports web pages as backgrounds.

You'll find a live version you can use as as your browser's start page or whatever floats your boat as well as downloads for single monitor or dual monitor setups


You need to click on the little settings icon in the top right corner in order to enter your latitude and longitude.

You can find your own coordinates using